Live Canaries

Wood, paint, video, sound, gold leaf, and electric train
Lied Center Creighton University, 2004


Sound by Mario Verandi

Del Castillo—El Secreto de los Reyes y las Reinas

Electric flame lights and steel forms
660 x 660 x 156 in.
Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, 1998
Sound by Mario Verandi


Painted found objects with gold leaf and flame lights
12 in. sphere with 48 x 96 x 48 in. house
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden, 1995
Sound by Mario Verandi

10,000 Things of the World

Painted found objects with sound
420 x 480 x 180 in.
Museum of Nebraska Art, 1993
Sound by Mario Verandi


Sound by Mario Verandi

The Peak that Flew from Afar

Shale and electric flame lights with wood
168 x 168 x 180 in.
Joslyn Art Museum, 1992
Sound by Mario Verandi

Two Passages and Vermillion Night

Paint, gauze scrim, lights and benches
Galeria Artual, Barcelona, 1992


Gauze, neon and wood
360 x 540 x 144 in.
Souix Falls Art Museum, 1990